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Past Project Examples

Aerodynamic test rig for testing scaled wind turbine models in turbulent wind conditions 

Novel wind turbine geometries needed to be tested by our client. Wind turbine prototypes and a custom aerodynamic test rig was designed and built. The rig allowed to vary wind characteristics and collect wind turbine performance data. Locating the rig at our lab allowed us to perform rapid turbine design optimization to match its performance to the performance curve required by the client

Aerodynamic Test Rig.png

Custom enclosures housing sensitive electrical components for demonstrating a novel reflective screen technology 

A compact enclosure was requested by our client to house electrical circuitry and a newly developed display.  The enclosure had to be maximally compact while providing means for individual component replacement and sufficient air cooling. We developed and built a design that was 4x smaller, while having more reliable connections than client’s previous solution

Increasing production capacity of custom wire coating machines by two-fold 

Our client needed to reduce production cost of wire used in manufacturing of solar panels. We have proposed a principally different coating process to increase production speed on each machine by two-fold. We have consulted the client on designing new sub-systems for the machine and optimized operating parameters to achieve this

Various custom tooling for aircraft service

Aircraft maintenance organizations require custom tooling to enable performing certain service procedures. We support our clients by providing rapid tool development and manufacturing service to minimize aircraft down-time

Test station for characterizing a novel reflective display prototype 

A station for testing optical characteristics of novel display prototypes was required by the client. We designed and built a unit with enclosed space containing instrumentation, cradles for rapidly connecting and swapping prototypes, and controlled lighting and temperature environment

Test rig for characterization of robotic actuator gearboxes 

A modular test rig for high-precision measurement of gearbox parameters was designed and built. We have developed test methodology and mechanical design while our partner developed electrical architecture and control program. This rig enabled the client to conduct tests and measurements not previously possible with any other available equipment

Development and characterization of magnetic torque transfer device 

A contact-less torque transfer system was required by our client. We have developed a mechanical design for a magnet-based device and manufactured first prototypes.


The  system was then tested on a purpose-built test stand. System test results closely reflected the analytically predicted performance. 

E300-H Tx on test Rig.jpg
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